Over40Most individuals beyond 40 have claimed that they felt hungrier and gained weight in places where they did not previously. These phenomena are mainly caused by sluggish metabolism.

Therefore, to be as active as you were in your 30s, you need to make alterations in your diet and exercise routine.

Understanding the body

On the other side of 40, the body undergoes several structural changes. With the help of nutrisystem discount code coupons you can save a substantial amount on your order. The powerhouse of cells- mitochondria start reducing in number which leads to a sharp dip in the body’s metabolism. Because of this, the body’s metabolism keeps dropping by 5% every 10 years.

To keep the body from storing calories, you need to reduce the portion of the foods you consume. Switch from mayonnaise to mustard and ham sandwiches from cheeseburger as they are light on the digestive system.

Women above 40, experience the problem of weight gain more than men because their levels of oestrogen and thyroid drop while insulin rises. They tend to feel hungrier even though their metabolism has dropped. Since the calories taken in do not get burnt, they get deposited as fat.

Lastly, women tend to lose muscles faster than men by almost two times and muscles burn calories 3 times as fast as fat. The loss in muscle mass leads to deposition of fats on the belly and other parts.

Revving up the Body’s Metabolism

An active lifestyle and reduced intake of food is the key to high metabolism even in your 40s. Soluble fibres should be consumed more as they do not get digested and they help to keep one feel full for a long time. A cup of brown rice and raspberries and a bowl of steel cut oats provide the body with 25g of fibre, which is the specified intake for people in this age bracket.

To keep muscles from slackening, practice light exercises. Plank exercises and squatting are quite effective in this respect. Practice them during commercials of your favourite television serials or while waiting for an item to cook.

There are quite a few food products which help to boost metabolism and you can try some of them:

Oolong tea- The content of polyphenols (which help to block enzymes that build fat) is quite high in oolong tea. Every cup of the tea drunk can keep your metabolism raised for 2 hours.

Ice Water- Ice water helps to burn calories as the body has to bring its temperature up to the normal level. Eight glasses of ice water can help to burn almost 70 calories in a day. Chewing ice cubes before a meal is also quite helpful as it elevates the body’s metabolism before a meal.

Black Pepper- Rich in piperine, an alkaloid, black pepper helps to boost metabolism. Add it to tomato juice instead of salt. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, the antioxidant that protects mitochondria and together with black pepper, can keep your metabolism elevated for hours. The addition of pepper to tomato juice is healthier than salt for the low sodium content.